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Webinar Recap: Move Redmond Complete Streets Conversation – Talkin’ about Walkin’

YPT Seattle was proud to partner with Move Redmond on a webinar about walking, as every transit user is a pedestrian at some point in their journey.

Panelist Angie Schmitt discussed the national context of walking and pedestrian safety issues. We were surprised to learn that 3 out of 4 new cars sold in the U.S. are an SUV, pickup truck, or van. This has a huge impact on the fatality of collisions with pedestrians, due to visibility issues and the seriousness of injuries from larger vehicles.

Panelist Rachel Brown, a researcher at the University of Washington, shared how data and mapping can impact the pedestrian experience. She presented a web tool she is working on that enables users to customize their trip based on their preferences. For example, the route would change based on the user's selection of cane/ wheelchair use. This tool will be an excellent resource and we look forward to using it in the future!

Panelist Micah Lusignan shared his experiences as a legally blind transit user and pedestrian who uses a cane. He discussed the challenges of trying to live in area that is walkable, dense, and diverse, as the majority of neighborhoods that have those positive qualities are not affordable in the Puget Sound region.

We were pleased to have 45 attendees and we thank the audience members for their participation!

Click on the link to access a recording of the event.


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