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Park(ing) Day 2018

This year YPT Seattle decided to go big! Park(ing) Day is an international one-day event that happens every year where people turn on-street parking into mini public spaces (SDOT, 2018). We at YPT Seattle took over 17-parking spaces on 2nd Ave. South Seattle,WA 98104 in the historic Pioneer Square.

Impact Hub Seattle 220 2nd Ave. S. Seattle,WA 91804.

Last year we partnered with Impact Hub Seattle, a shared co-working space and Amplifier, a design lab that helps builds art to amplify the voices of grassroot movements, to support our 4-spaces for our mini pop-up park on 2nd Ave. S. Seattle,WA. This year we decided to partner with them again, and add some more to the mix!

With community in mind we partnered with the businesses on the same block. One of the newest business included Flatstick Pub. Flatstick was so kind to allow us to borrow a mini golf course and hand out free passes to attend their venue.

We also reached out to the community within Impact Hub Seattle. One of the Impact Hub host is a Maker, and with that in mind she created a mini parking spaces arts and craft table(s). People stopped by to make their own mini parking-day pop-up park.

Impact Hub Seattle mini Park(ing) Day pop-up parks! This was by far the popular part of our park.

Throughout the day we had a constant flow of people stopping by to eat lunch, play mini golf, ping-pong, and the piano! That's right we had piano.

Fact: People will come if you place a random piano in the middle of a park.

We want to thank everyone who visited our park along with Abora and

who also participated in our park! Of course we have to thank Seattle Department of Transportation!

Picture: Yes Segura (StBox), Ishmael Nunez (SDOT), and Kate Elliot (King Co. Metro)

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