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Congratulations to our Seattle Transportation Scavenger Hunt Winners!

For a 2-week period from Monday, August 24th to Monday, September 7th, YPT Seattle hosted a transportation themed scavenger hunt on the Scavr platform. The hunt consisted of 33 challenges that required participants to take pictures of various transportation elements that can be found all over Seattle, WA. The completion of each challenge awarded participants with various points, ranging from 100 - 400 pts. A total of 14 teams signed up for the hunt and 6 of them managed to complete at least 10 of the challenges!

Ranking. Team Name, Completed Challenges, Total Points

1. The Lone Rider, 33 (5,750)

2. PIC, 31 (5,450)

3. adventureross, 30 (5,150)

4. Fern House, 27 (4,650)

5. Jolly trolley, 19 (2,850)

6. gothferry, 11 (1,600)

The listed teams were awarded $20 gift certificates to local Seattle Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) owned businesses including Central Cafe & Juice Bar, Fat’s Chicken & Waffles, Raised Donuts, Native Works, and The Post Man. The Lone Rider was the only team that completed all the 33 challenges therefore in addition to a $20 gift certificate, the team also got the opportunity to choose from the list of Black organizations below, in which we will be donating funds to!

Kudos to all 6 teams that competed and congratulations to all winners! We at YPT Seattle are always looking to improve ourselves and events, so make sure to send us an email to ( with any feedback on how we can improve our scavenger hunt for the future.

Please stay tuned for our October 2020 YPT Seattle event!

Stay safe and stay healthy!

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