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Post Tunnel Ride Brunch

Event date: 2/3/2019

Location: South Lake Union Portage Bay Cafe

This had to of been the coldest and windiest day to bike in Seattle. That didn't stop us and we all made sure to layer up. On that day we joined 14,000 bicyclists, solo wheelers, e-scooters, and fellow Seattleites to bike the new SR 99 Tunnel and part of the Alaskan Way Viaduct. The event was organized by the Cascade Bicycle Club, and typically they always sell out.

After the bike ride we all joined up for brunch at the Portage Bay Cafe in SLU. If you haven't been then make sure to add it onto your to do list.

Our events can also be found on our Facebook page. Follow us on Instagram to see live posts on the day of our events.

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