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Sea-Tac Unveiled

On July 7th, YPT Seattle co-hosted Sea-Tac Unveiled with WTS Puget Sound (Women’s Transportation Seminar). This was a whirlwind event exposing attendees to several aspects of planning and management at the Port of Seattle. After an initial presentation highlighting the challenges of bringing Link Light Rail to the Airport, participants chose three of four breakout sessions and spent a short time discussing and learning about a different subject area. These included Future Airport Traveler Technologies, Pressures in the SODO, Landside Transportation Challenges and Potential Solutions, and The Secrets of Airline Scheduling. After the discussions, participants were led on a walking tour of landside facilities, where issues were highlighted and explained. All in all, this was a fantastic event, with an amazing host, The Port of Seattle. A huge thank you to them for being such great partners in realizing this event. Thank you!

Featured speaker: Light Rail & Airport Roadways: The Port and Sound Transit -- Lessons in Coordination - Geri Poor, Regional Transportation Manager Break out discussions: -Landside Transportation Challenges and Potential Solutions – Nic Longo, Senior Planner -Pressures in the SODO – Lindsay Wolpa, Regional Government Affairs Manager and Geri Poor, Regional Transportation Manager -The Secrets of Airline Scheduling – Ben Leischner, Airline Scheduling Systems Manager -Preview of Future Airport Traveler Technologies – Dave Wilson, Chief Aviation Technologist Walking tour of terminal/airport drives/parking garage highlighting airport landside challenges and potential solutions – Nic Longo, Senior Planner

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